Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion






Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion. Dealing with debt by using the ‘Accelerating the Motion’ model by David Jean-Baptiste







Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


ATM, the fastest way to see the results you desire


The WUGI Stance (Plugging in. Strengthening and healing the body)


Tapping to Emotional Freedom (Clearing blocks)


Brain Wave Vibration (Better body balance and brain functioning)


Anchoring Positive States of Mind (State building)


Flow Centre (Living your intention)


Hip Walk True Talk (Doing it, and incantations)


Waves of Possibility (Expansion by reframing)


Knowingness, Beliefs and Values (Beliefs in motion and reference building)


The Identity Ball (Aligning with and deepening knowledge of your authentic self)


The Spiritual, Awareness, Renewable, Mastermind (Who Else?)




Recently I found a very good application for my accelerating the Motion model. I was thinking about abundance and tapping into an abundant world, financial freedom and reaching my critical net worth, that kind of thing. Critical net worth being the point at which a persons income is greater than their expenses meaning they have no need to work if that is what they desire.
Having triggered my anchor I’ve been building to reinforce that state of mind. And setting this as an intention to create and actualize in my Flow Centre. The Flow Centre is where they magic happens, where I would answer questions like, what do I truly desire to bring into your Flow Centre today? Think of a time when this quality came to me? What is the nature of my most treasured memory? and lots more questions of this ilk to build the mindset necessary.

Moving up to the next level of the model ‘Hip Walk True Talk it got interesting. This level is about taking action. Relative to abundance it came to my attention how incredibly abundant I’ve been so far. There were many positive emotions associated with this abundance, such as happy times when wealth entered into my life, having the power to overcome adversity, all the joy fun and prosperity and other empowering states of mind that comes with abundance. So in the better nature of the Hip Walk True Talk, there was a problem. Many bills had gone unpaid. I had somehow choked the flow of supply on many levels that had opened up for me. Lots of broken promises I had given to people who love me and support me. These include those who believe in me and my talents in the music industry, world class instrument manufacturers, the very best of my friends, and some family members. In the bright light of day it is actually disgraceful behaviour.

In my mind that clears the area around abundance. So, standing at the Hip Walk True Talk level how can I turn it around. The abundance is clearly there. These loving and supportive people still live and breathe. If I could unblock those abundant pathways of supply by giving back more energy that was given to me. Firstly, I created a list of everyone I owed, and for each person I ran through a sequence of tapping from Emotional Freedom Techniques ‘EFT’. Using an affirmation like, “even though I owe Peter I accept myself deeply and completely.” Tapping through points on my hands, point above the eyebrow, below the eye, above the lip, chin, collar bone, under the arm, chest. Then using a sliding anchor to associate the negatively charged emotion with something positive. Then with an affirmation like, “even though I feel shame I accept myself deeply and completely.” “Even though I feel guilt I accept myself deeply and completely.” Running through the tapping points and using a sliding anchor. Such an exercise will raise your vibration on how you feel about the debt.

Changing how you feel about the debt is for sure the first step in making the shift to create a solution to deal with it. What would happen if you consistently raised your vibration to a point where you feel estatic when you think about the debt? What would happen is, your mind will begin to tune into the vibration of abundance, where you will start to see solutions in your Flow Centre or in other words your real world.

So, the first steps are, set your positive intention. Truly accept where you are already abundant, and nurture those channels of supply that you have already attracted into your life. During this exercise I found my ‘Hip Walk True Talk’ level fulfilling, as I began to relish the action to deal with my debt head on. Rekindling the spirit of friendship with those who believe in me. Stepping up to the next level in the ATM model, ‘Waves of Possibility’. Here we reframe the problem by getting in touch with the part of you responsible for creating the debt. As people we have multiple parts of ourselves, and these parts run behavioural patterns that gives us the results experienced on a day to day basis.

Considering the presupposition ‘all behaviour has a positive intention’, I would need to contact the part of me responsible for not following through. Knowing that the intention behind the behaviour of not following through is an honourable one, lets call it part (a). A very slippery fish for some, but I would need to set up ideomotor signals with this part to get answers for yes and no. By doing so I can create an understanding of the behaviour, as to what is the positive intention behind not following through.

I’m still working on this, but my initial answers are around, so to live in an abundant world and have all the tools to do what I require. So the next step would be to establish communication with my creative part, to generate 5 new patterns of behaviour part (a) can integrate into day to day life, in other words to expand upon ‘Waves of Possibility’. New behaviour patterns that achieves the intention and follows successfully though. Then get consensus with all other parts of self to agree with these negotiations, before wishing part (a) well with these new choices in situations that are right and fitting.

Stepping up to ‘Knowingness Beliefs and Values’ level I created a list of ten of my most important values that align with my intention to be abundant. On the next level aligned these with my authentic self on ‘The identity Ball’ level. Answering questions like, ‘who am I when I live abundantly?’ before stepping up to the level of ‘The Spiritual, Awareness, Renewable, Mastermind’. Well, we’ve already dealt with who, why, what and largely how. In this example we can deal with who else? Who else can give you new perspectives on dealing with debt.

One solution is to pay 20% of all income to debtors. Live on 70% of income and save and invest 10%. It means that you pay yourself first by giving yourself 10% to save and invest. You live on less than you earn by living on 70% of income. And, in every £100 in earnings £20 goes to paying creditors. A strategy not easy to do, especially when a person owes money but it’s very effective.

On this level you can aim to answer questions pertaining to what may be a satisfactory solution for the individuals owed. What makes them happy and satisfied? These are the levels of ‘Accelerating the Motion’. The next thing is to pull all the feelings, learning, impressions and answers back down through the levels into ‘Flow Centre’. Perhaps before doing the whole thing again in the ‘As if achieved’ perspective. By doing all this, we for sure will build the mindset you need to deal with debt. Even though we are just scrapping the surface of the ice berg in terms of what’s possible. The very best of luck with dealing with debt, and feel free to connect with us when yoiu need support.  David Jean-Baptiste










Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion






Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion



May 12th 2017

EUR/USD Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

How to Make Your Money Grow Fast

The EUR/USD pair ended the day flat around 1.0873, but not before falling to a fresh 2-week low of 1.0838. Following a dull start to the day, the pair finally got on the move with the release of better-than-expected US data. Weekly unemployment claims fell to their lowest in 28 years in the week ending May 6th, down to 238,000 against 245K expected and previous 238K, an indication that the employment sector continues strengthening at a firm pace. Also, the Producer Price index surged by more than expected in April, with the core yearly reading hitting 1.9% from previous 1.6%, signaling increasing inflationary pressure, the perfect scenario for a rate hike next June. The sour tone around equities and yields, however, prevented the greenback from appreciating further, backing the late intraday pullback. The US will release its April CPI figures on Friday, also expected to bounce, while in the EU focus will center on Germany, with GDP and inflation readings.

From a technical point of view, the risk is towards the downside in the EUR/USD, although a break below 1.0820 is still required to confirm a new leg lower. Despite the positive close, the pair has set a lower low and a lower high for  a fourth consecutive session, confirming the ruling bearish trend, while in the 4 hours chart, the price is now below its 20 and 100 SMAs, with the shortest accelerating lower and nearing the largest, this last at 1.0890. Technical indicators in the mentioned time frame have corrected higher, but hold within negative territory, far from enough to suggest an upward move. Selling interest remains strong on approaches to the 1.0900 region, but it will take a recovery beyond 1.0930 to revert the negative tone, at least in the short term.

Support levels: 1.0850 1.0820 1.0770

Resistance levels: 1.0890 1.0930 1.0965

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


USD/JPY Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

The USD/JPY pair closed the day a few pips below the 114.00 level, after topping in the 114.30 region for a third consecutive day. The pair found modest support in advancing equities at the beginning of the day, but as European equities entered the red, and yields pulled back from daily highs, the yen strengthened, ignoring US positive data, which usually results in a bullish move. US figures, however, were enough at least to prevent the pair from falling further, while the decline in US Treasury yields was quite shallow, as the 10-year note benchmark settled at 2.40%, down from previous 2.41% and after topping at 2.42% daily basis. Japan will release some minor figures during the upcoming Asian session, not enough to affect the pair, with attention therefore shifting to US CPI figures later on the day. Technically, the 4 hours chart shows that the Momentum indicator continued sliding towards its 100 level, reflecting limited buying interest, but the price continues developing above bullish 100 and 200 SMAs, whilst the RSI indicator turned north, now around 56.

Support levels: 113.60 113.20 112.75

Resistance levels: 114.15 114.50 114.90

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


GBP/USD Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

The GBP/USD pair fell to its lowest for this week, quoting as low as 1.2848 before settling around 1.2880, as the Pound took a double hit early London, from soft UK data and a dovish BOE. . In March, Industrial Production fell by 0.5%, while Manufacturing Production shrunk by 0.6% when compared to the previous month. February readings suffered downward revisions, leaving the year-on-year readings at 1.4% and 2.3% respectively. The goods trade balance printed a larger-than-expected deficit in March of £13.441 billion, well above the expected £-11.800B. As for the Bank of England, the MPC decided to leave rates and the APP unchanged as expected, maintaining their previous neutral stance. Still, just one member voted for a rate hike, prompting a sell-off in Pound crosses. The 4 hours chart shows that the price has settled below a now bearish 20 SMA, while despite lacking directional strength, technical indicators have moved into negative territory, leaning the scale towards the downside, moreover on a break below 1.0830, last week low and the immediate support.

Support levels: 1.2830 1.2800 1.2765

Resistance levels: 1.2910 1.2950 1.2990

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


AUD/USD Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

The AUD/USD pair traded uneventfully within Wednesday’s range for most of this Thursday, closing higher for a second consecutive day at 0.7374, but still capped by 0.7400. There were no major news coming from Australia, and the macroeconomic calendar will remain empty also this Friday, leaving the pair in the hands of commodities and stocks. A recovery in base metals backed the advance, with Palladium and Platinum leading the way higher on the London Metal Exchange. The 4 hours chart shows that the price has managed to recover above a still bearish 20 SMA, this last at .7365, while the RSI indicator lacks directional strength around 48 and the Momentum indicator turned south after entering positive territory, this last indicating limited buying interest. The risk remains towards the downside, although the possibility of an upward corrective move can’t be disregarded particularly on an advance beyond 0.7400.

Support levels: 0.7330 0.7290 0.7250

Resistance levels:  0.7400 0.7440 0.7475

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


GBP/CAD Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

The GBP/CAD cross edged lower for a second consecutive day, settling at 1.7651, as the Pound weakened on the back of poor UK data and a neutral BOE. Investors were hoping that more than one MPC member would vote on a rate hike amid increasing inflationary pressures, but got disappointed, rushing then to sell the Pound. The Canadian dollar remained under pressure, despite oil extended its rally, on stocks weakness. Overall, the pair has continued correcting lower, now hovering and the lower end of its latest range, and still unable to confirm a steeper decline ahead. Short term however, the risk is towards the downside, given that in the 4 hours chart, the price has moved further below a still directionless 20 SMA, whilst technical indicators head modestly lower within bearish territory, although holding above their daily lows, presenting at the time being a limited momentum.

Support levels: 1.7625 1.7570 1.7520

Resistance levels: 1.7715 1.7770 1.7840

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


Dow Jones Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

US equities edged lower this Thursday, with all of the three major indexes closing in the red. The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 23 points to 20,920.10 while the Nasdaq Composite retreated from record highs, shedding 13 points to 6,115.96. The S&P lost 5 points or 0.22% and settled at 2,394.44. Despite the negative close, US indexes closed well above their daily lows, trimming most of their intraday losses ahead of the close.  The negative mood among investors was triggered by weaker-than-expected earnings reports. Snap Inc, the owner of Snapchat, reported a $2.2b loss in the first quarter, with shares of the company tumbling over 20%. Within the Dow, Apple was the best performer, adding 0.87% and followed by Exxon Mobil, which gained 0.82%. On the downside were Microsoft with a  1.33% decline, and Home Depot that close 1.22% lower. The daily chart presents an increasing bearish potential, given that the index briefly extended below its 20 DMA, but finally ended above it, while the Momentum indicator entered negative territory with a strong bearish sloe and as the RSI indicator extends its slide, currently at 54. In the 4 hours chart, the index seems also poised to extend its slide, as it held above a bearish 20 SMA, while technical indicators are resuming their slides within negative territory after bouncing from oversold readings.

Support levels: 20,849 20,797 20,736

Resistance levels: 20,930 20,975 21,030

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


FTSE Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Despite the poor performance of European equities, the Footsie managed to close in the green, just 1 point higher at 7,386.63, but still positive, backed by a weaker Pound and a steady advance in the mining sector. There was no major shift in BOE’s stance, while a downward revision to this year’s growth has limited the advance among equities. A sharp decline in Hikma Pharmaceuticals offset miners’ gains, as the stock plummeted 8.23%, after the company said that is unlikely that the US FDA will approve its generic Advair Diskus product this year. Fresnillo was the best performer, up 5.03%, followed by Randgold Resources which added 3.62% and Standard Chartered that closed 2.46% higher. The daily chart shows that the index stands a couple of points below the 7,400 level, and not far from its record high of 7,448, maintaining the positive tone seen on previous updates, as the benchmark advanced further above its moving averages, whilst technical indicators have partially lost their bullish strength, but remain near overbought levels. In the 4 hours chart, the 20 SMA has broken above the 100 and 200 SMAs, maintaining a strong bullish slope below the current level, whilst the RSI stands at 71 and the Momentum within positive territory, supporting an upward extension.

Support levels: 7,365 7,327 7,284

Resistance levels:  7,402 7,447 7,490

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


Gold Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Gold prices managed to regain some ground this Thursday, as easing equities spurred demand for the safe-haven asset. Spot gold closed the day at $1,224.05 a troy ounce, recovering from near a two-month low. The bright metal, however, remains within negative territory weekly basis, as increasing odds for a Fed’s rate hike next June keeps demand subdued, whilst hawkish rhetoric from US policy makers could trigger downward moves, beyond market’s sentiment. The daily chart shows that the price is still well below its moving averages, with the 20 DMA accelerating its slide far above the largest, and technical indicators barely bouncing from oversold readings, this last rather reflecting the intraday advance than suggesting downward exhaustion. In the shorter term, and according to the 4 hours chart, the metal has turned neutral, as the price is currently hovering around a bearish 20 SMA, whilst technical indicators pared their recovery around their mid-lines.

Support levels: 1,222.60 1,214.90 1,203.80

Resistance levels: 1,231.85 1,242.50 1,251.30

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion




Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion







Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion


Debt Reduction Strategies, Accelerating the Motion

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