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We’ve been looking at relaxation as a means to begin the process of releasing the physical body from stress, stress being responsible for 85% of human illness; bringing the mind into the present moment as much as possible. There are many ways to do this; the 321 relaxation technique is perhaps the simplest. The number 3 representing a relaxed body, 2 a relaxed mind and 1 your special place of relaxation. So we are in the realm of Claritique and Intention into Motion…


Therefore whatever your intention may be, whether it is to make a change of lifestyle or to feel better inside, you will need to be able to build the resource of a relaxed body and mind from your special place of relaxation, which can be a great memory or a created mental scenario. What is important here is that the mental imagery you choose, be it a fantastic memory or a creation of mental imagery, acts as a resource for you to step in and out so you can experience and recall the beauty of that scenario mentally and physically through your senses. Certainly a relaxed mind balances the body, and opens your brain to make new connections.


These new neural connections which may be tentative at first, when reinforced with practice will eventually bring about the changes you desire as a living breathing human being in the real world. Think of how a radio works. It sends out a wave signal through the air on a particular frequency; connecting to another entity on the same frequency, which could be on the other side of the earth or even on another planet, the human brain works in a similar way. Thoughts focused into a recurring mental picture of your choosing, reinforced and supported by your feelings and emotions associated with that picture. Feelings that intensify the more you do it, connects to a similar entity somewhere in the universe until it appears for you in the real world.


So we are talking of creating or recalling a mental visual scape, in other words a visualisation. We visualize using our visual internal eyes. Close your eyes and what do you see? Some people have a rich palette of experience when they close their eyes, seeing pictures, or their very special place of relaxation, remembered or created in vivid detail, bright and panoramic, relative to life size. The various shapes beings and elements around them, be it a lark in the sky, a beach or another person. Rich in colour, focused, with sounds and movement, associated in the picture experiencing everything there so real. Feel and hear everything as real, the sensations in your body and touching your skin. Feel the warmth of the air around on the skin; weight and warmth of your feet on the ground, the clothes on the skin. Hearing sound of breath at an even pace; birdsong, the sea or the gentle hum of conversation in the distance, the taste of the air, be it the salty sea, or the aroma of Chanel no5.


Maybe you see nothing when you close your eyes. But believe me; you have in your rich palette of senses a sub distinction of experience that kicks the picture into place for you. I had problems visualising then I discovered that adding movement within the mental picture gave it the intensity necessary. For another person it may be a particular tone, pitch, timbre, melody, rhythm, direction of sound or even pulse rate.



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Women Peace Security



Musically Inspired Change for Women Peace Security



(For people desiring to squeeze more juice from life)



Women Peace Security



1. Can you share one Intention you most desire to achieve?

2. Imagine some likely future situation, what happens when you see yourself making your Intention
come real?

3. Can you imagine your favourite place in the world to relax and feel good? Some people say their
own home and this is good, can you think of another?

4. Being appreciated and respected is a human need, we can all remember at least one time when
we felt appreciated and respected. What happens as you begin to feel loved and respected?

5. What drives your passion positively? Passion sometimes reaches boiling point. What happens
when your passion for something, someone or a situation in your life was so intense it was on
fire, burning inside you with life?

6. When you learn new ways to do act on intention, beautifully your chances of making it come real
multiplies. What else happens as you begin to learn new possibilities?

7. Having a deep sense of fulfilment from within is the best elixir imaginable, magically bringing
you freedom, happiness and satisfaction. It’s good to know that people find different things
fulfilling. Can you remember a time when you felt totally fulfilled?

8. Wow moments often come unexpectedly and are often amazing thrilling us to bits. Can you
describe five different wow moments in your life?

9. The word enrichment conjures up a colourful palette of positive emotions in us. Can you tell me
what the word enrichment means to you?

10. Music is an incredible healing force, enriching the human spirit, also opening and
strengthening the connection between the body and mind. Is there any music giving you
strong feelings?

David Jean-Baptiste







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Time v Income Reality Check

How much income do you earn per hour of work?
How many hours do you work on business that are currently non-income producing?
Where do you have time-leaks?
What impact are they having on your life?
Can you leverage the time that you work?



Open to Change Check

What would your ideal scenario be?
What hours would you like to work?
What income would you like to produce?
Do you prefer one good income stream with potential for growth, or do you prefer a few different income streams?
How closely does your current income stream, hours of work, and type of work correlate to this ideal?



Three Steps to Get Started Now!

1. Get clear, utilize your power of focus and act through your own self knowledge.
2. Get the tools, a workable plan, and include the services of a coach or a consultant. Non-action will cost you. How much?
3. Understand your own pain verses pleasure continuum. People will do more to move away from pain than they will do to move towards pleasure.
Get clear on your vision and mission. Your vision being what you desire at a level of your identity, and mission being why you want it.
What is money? Money is perceived value of something, plus creativity, plus passion.



7 Steps to Wealth Creation

1. Decide what is holding you back and deal with it.
2. Understand what money is.
3. Plan for wealth
4. Decide what you desire to attract into your Flow Centre and why you want it.
5. Understand financial concepts and the skills to create money.
6. Work with the support team you need.
7. Take ‘massive’ consistent wealth action.



4 Ways to Accelerate Your Journey to Financial Freedom

1. Increase your income
2. Save more
3. Invest more
4. Compound it, so to increase your rate of return.







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